Digital Imaging & Large format digital printing

We specialize in complete large format and custom printed graphics for a wide variety of applications. We turn your unique needs and vision into large scale designs that reinforce your brand. From Point of Purchase Signage and Decor, Museum Exhibits, Corporate Lobby Identities, and Exhibit Displays to Wall Murals, Banners, Fabric graphics of all kinds, Window and Vehicle Signage, we will meet all of your printing needs and exceed your expectations.

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Digital Media

Our strategists offer plans as distinctive as our creative ideas. They constantly mine insights from the unprecedented technological shifts in communication we’re living with today. Insights about the ever expanding digital opportunities that can help your business thrive and insights about your customers – who they are, when and why they’re coming online, which web, mobile or social channel they prefer, and what they’re looking for.

Print Media

The universal presence and usage of such print media as logos, flyers, brochures, banners, billboards, newspaper adverts, etc emphatically prove the point that digital media has not made it redundant. People still read magazines, newspapers, journals everyday.

One big reason why print media still attracts readers is that it has a liberating effect on them, freeing them from the prison of digital media that lured them into using it. There are millions and millions of people who are bound to digital media by a love-hate relationship. They are driven by necessity to use it. That, surely, is not the case with print media. It explains why print media services are still relevant now.

Indoor and outdoor printing

Your signage is the first impression of your business. The right signs show visitors where you are and who you are.

We ensure your signage is effective, clear and professional, communicating your strong and positive brand identity. We offer both design and printing services for signs.

We create all kinds of attractive signage for retailers and corporations, including window decals, static-cling signage, whole-window graphics, darkening film, and even 2-way mirror-effect substrates.
If you need to make a big statement – or simply display information for your customers to see – we can help.

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General printing services

Logo creation, flyers, posters, flex banners, complementary card, letterheads, graphic design, brochure, invitation and General printing.

We undertake all kinds of printing processes while we specialize on the following:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Lithography
  • Transfer Printing
  • Screen Printing

Other Services

We help business organisations to develop a good business model, business plan and innovation strategy.

Business Consulting Service
Our business consulting services are designed for all types of small businesses. We leverage our affiliation with an international network of senior business executives to assist with client engagements and initiatives with:

Business Assessments
Business valuations; competitive & operational benchmarking; organisational analysis & design; and overheads analysis & cost reduction.

Business Planning Services
Exit strategy; feasibility studies; formal business plans; operation budgeting & forecasting; strategic planning; and succession planning.

Small Business Consulting Services
Acquisitions; business growth & expansion; cash flow management; funding; import & export opportunities; profitability; and sales & marketing.

Mentoring Programs
Executive training & development; management & leadership; productivity & performance; and sales training & development.

Business Skills Training
Training for entrepreneurs provides business skills training, e-learning and mentoring courses/programmes in entrepreneurship, management, strategic planning, leadership, and practical instruction for starting and growing small businesses.